Taphorn Roots




St. Gregor was founded in 1902 and named after the Benedictine Pope, St. Gregory I. Three years later, the telegraph lines and the railroad came through the area, sparking an immediate increase in population. Therefore, a general store was built in 1906, and in the following year, an excavation for the church began. By the spring of 1908, a parish school had been established, with each settler giving a tariff of $10 to pay the teacher's salary.


Welcome to St. Gregor! This village is a vibrant community of 140 people located along Highway #5 in the heart of central Saskatchewan. Our village is served by the CNR Main Line and the STC Bus Lines. The population has been stable for a number of years with a mixture of young families and retirees.

St. Gregor has two major industries, namely Michel Industries and Western Industries. As well, St. Gregor is located in the center of a productive farming area renowned world-wide for its high quality grain and cereal crops. We are proud of the quantity and quality of products available in our community. The support from the rural population helps sustain the village.

St. Gregor has two halls, (a seniors' hall and a community hall) a curling rink , a bowling alley, and a modern playground for our youngsters. Our children attend Muenster School which is seven miles away.

St. Gregor is a clean village with St. Gregory Church being our most notable landmark. If you are travelling along Highway #5 between Humboldt and Watson, we invite you to stop and visit the friendly community of St. Gregor.


Mayor Glen Taphorn